Please review the requirements, especially when running Sportyfin with Selenium scraping enabled.

  • python3

    • There are numerous guides online on how to set up python3 with your machine.

  • pip

    • There are numerous guides online on how to set up pip with your machine.

  • Google Chrome version 97.x

    • Selenium needs to have an instance of Google Chrome version 97.x installed. This only applies if you chose to scrape with Selenium.

Selenium Usage with Sportyfin

Using Selenium with Sportyfin can provide better stream results. Selenium is used to look at network traffic on streaming sites in order to find links that may have not been discovered otherwise. Bellow are some things to note about using Selenium with Sportyfin:


Using Selenium will greatly reduce the speed at which Sportyfin is able to find streaming links. This is because Sportyfin accesses the streaming site for 1 second in order to gather network traffic. Therefore, using Selenium can greatly reduce speeds if, for example, Sportyfin finds 100 streaming sites.